Medical Professional Cannabis Certification Program

NE Florida NORML has partnered with Medical Marijuana 411. Medical Marijuana 411 is a global leader in cannabis education. NE Florida NORML is proud to offer the Medical Professional Cannabis Certification. The Medical Professional Cannabis Certification is an online course is a series of 12 modules designed to teach medical professionals about cannabis. Learn about the legal framework of working with medical marijuana patients, the basics of the cannabis plant, the Endocannabinoid System, and how cannabinoid receptors work with our bodies. Additional modules will cover important topics like: how to medicate, inhalation versus ingestion, contraindications, drug-on-drug interactions, and recommended rations of specific illnesses.

The Medical Professional Cannabis Certification course meets the annual American Medical Association (AMA) Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements for medical professionals. This course includes video testimonials from scientists and medical experts, infographics, and additional visuals to support the written content. Any individual wanting to learn more about the science of cannabis will find the course valuable. With over 800+ peer-reviewed research citations, the Medical Professional Cannabis Certification is the most current, complete and comprehensive Medical Cannabis Certification program available anywhere, online or in-person. All coursework and graphics can be downloaded for future re-use with customers, clients, and patients. Additional resources of lengthier, pertinent PDFs are available by clicking on the research endnote at the end of each section module. Enrollment in this online course allows you to start and stop at any time. Any students completing our certifications and/or coursework will have permanent access to their student dashboard to review materials at any time. If in the future, you want to review any information, simply log-on to your dashboard to re-visit the content.